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Why you should see our dentist for preventive dentistry measures

From comprehensive oral health assessments to tooth and gum-preserving treatments, our dental team at Smile Welling provides quality care to ensure the good dental health of patients. We know well the instrumental role good oral health plays in the quality of living standards. Poor oral health is almost always accompanied by physical challenges such as pain and discomfort which can put the body’s ability to function at risk. This is not all, undesirable dental issues also affect mental and emotional health – patients may be less willing to smile an awkward smile which can have a disastrous effect on self-confidence. Without confidence, making friends and engaging professionally with others can be a Herculean effort. It is for all these reasons that we continue to encourage patients to keep to their scheduled appointments with our dentist in Welling. We take a look at some of the critical preventive measures and its benefits provided by our experienced dentist in Welling.

Common preventive dentistry treatments

Good dental health can only be assured by a professionally qualified dentist in Welling. Our dental practitioner can refer to a number of measures to keep teeth and gums in optimal health or carry out proven treatments to treat worrying symptoms. Here is a quick look at what some of these treatments include:

· Routine oral health checks

Every patient will need to have their oral health assessed by a practising dentist at regular intervals. We carry out these oral health checks to identify danger signs of potential issues forming and to take quick action to prevent them from escalating. At this check-up appointment, patients can expect a thorough examination of teeth, gums and other parts of the mouth. In addition to discussing the issue of concern, our dentist will need to know about the patient’s oral hygiene and lifestyle habits. A full treatment plan will be discussed and any further treatment that may be needed.

· Professional teeth cleaning

Professional teeth cleanings is a highly effective method of greatly reducing the need for fillings and root canal therapy and lessens the risk of tooth loss. The procedure, also known as, scale and polish, also gets rid of bad bacteria that is responsible for embarrassing bad breath. At this appointment patients may be shown recommended tooth brushing and flossing techniques to minimise the build-up of plaque.

· Care for sensitive teeth

Having sensitive teeth can be frustrating to live with. The sharp discomfort arising from consuming hot or cold delectable treats can be a challenge. Fortunately a dental practitioner can suggest ways to treat the condition. Treatment will depend on the cause of the tooth sensitivity which our dental practitioner will ascertain.

· Dental care for children

Children’s dental care needs must be prioritised for them to benefit from good teeth and gum health for the long-term. Regular dental checks from an early age will reduce the likelihood of children needing tooth fillings and suffering tooth decay. Suitable dental care for children includes fluoride treatments, cleanings and tooth sealants.

Please reach out to our reception desk for an appointment with one of our highly skilled and friendly dental clinicians. Smile Welling is focused on delivering the highest in comprehensive quality dental care and patient service excellence.


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