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When you need a dentist in Welling for emergency dentistry

Sometimes, discomfort lets you know that you need emergency care, sometimes you may have no discomfort at all. Let's talk about what constitutes a dental emergency at our dentist in Welling and how we can help you.

An emergency may seem obvious, but there are cases when it is not, especially in dentistry. And when you find yourself in an emergency situation, time can be critical. A great deal of the prognosis surrounding your dental issue will depend on what happens over the next few hours; a great example of this is a clean loss of a tooth, usually from trauma. In such situations, reimplanting the tooth is entirely possible assuming you can keep it safe and clean and that the reimplanting happens in the next few hours. Every minute that passes makes reimplanting less of an option and could result in a reimplanted tooth being rejected or an infection forming beneath it both of which results in further procedures.

Yet a rapidly reimplanted tooth at our dentist in Welling can return completely back to its pre-trauma state, with the same life span and functionality as any other tooth in your mouth.

On the opposite end of the scale, a minor chip or crack in a tooth may go entirely unnoticed particularly if you also had facial bruising occurring at the same time. This is mainly due to the assumption that you have no reason to bother with a dental team, but such chips and cracks can be easily treated with a fluoride sealant. If you fail to seek treatment for these, you leave an opportunity for cavities to form, potentially resulting in the loss of the tooth or at the very least a filling in the next coming months. The application of a fluoride or tooth varnish is a non-invasive cheap procedure that can be performed in minutes, so it is an obvious choice as to which treatment is preferrable.

When putting it off is no longer an option

We understand that there is a category of patients who find themselves requiring emergency dental care, although they have been experiencing symptoms for a very long time. Usually these patients have deep concerns and distrust of dentistry in general and would have preferred never to go into the clinic, but the state of their teeth has forced them into an appointment which they would rather not attend.

We are more than happy to see phobic patients and understand that usually there are complex dental issues which may have built up over many years. It is not our role to be judgemental or to be unsympathetic whatever situation you may find yourself in, only to assist you in getting the best possible outcome.


Dental abscesses are extremely uncomfortable; due to their position between the tooth root and jawbone, the sense of pressure is truly distracting and requires immediate care. If you have had a dental abscess for a number of days and are experiencing a high temperature or skin mottling please attend your hospital immediately, as you are showing the signs of sepsis, which is a potentially life-threatening condition.

If you or one of your family members have a dental abscess please get in contact with the clinic immediately and we would happily book you in as an emergency patient at our dentist in Welling.


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