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What to consider when you are a new patient at a dentist in Welling

You are all very aware of the need to take care of our teeth, gums, and other parts of the mouth to maintain high standards in oral health and hygiene, this leads to many of you brushing our teeth twice daily and flossing them regularly. You must see the need to have good levels of oral hygiene as important, as the mouth is the gateway to the rest of the body, meaning it can have a major effect on every aspect of our health and well-being.

If you are not registered with a dental practice, we would encourage you to change this, as having regular oral check-ups and receiving any dental treatment you may require can only be to your advantage and lead to you enjoying a greater quality of life. Registering with a practice is often quick and easy; this can usually be achieved over the phone.

The dentist in Welling, should not be seen in a negative light, as too many times people attach thoughts of pain and discomfort to these professionals when they are thinking about them. Instead, you need to see these highly trained professionals as people who are there to help you, they can be used to our advantage to take away any pain and discomfort you may be living with.

The patient’s initial check-up

Once you register with our dentist in Welling, you will be asked to attend an initial check-up, an appointment will be made for you and this appointment will usually last between thirty to forty minutes and allow your teeth, gums, lips, and other aspects of the mouth to be fully examined and the findings can be documented. The results of the examination are then useful as they help to create a starting point from which recommendations about any treatments can begin.

The initial appointment is also a chance for you to introduce yourself to the professional who will be primarily involved in your dental care. This is a great time for you to begin to form a patient and professional relationship that should include open and frank dialogue about any issues of concern. Use this time to ask questions and begin a conversation about how to improve your oral health and hygiene going forward, as this will always be of benefit.

Other services, treatment, and types of professional available at your chosen dental practice will be outlined to you and recommendations will be made that the professional assessing your oral treatment needs feels you could benefit from, this will help to create options for you to choose from that you can place into your oral care package. Remember, the best type of dental care is often the type you are fully happy to cooperate with, believing in treatment and care will make you want to engage with the dental practice.

Any good dentist in Welling understands that the key to a patient getting the most out of a dental practice and the services they provide lies within the patient’s hands, so, be proactive and engage with the practice as this will allow you to enjoy the highest quality oral hygiene possible.

All of your dental needs are in one place, from essential NHS dentistry to cutting edge and latest cosmetic and orthodontic treatments.


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