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Top tips to get the most out of your visit to our dentist

For some patients, making the time to visit our dentist in Welling can be challenging with so many things to do in the little time available to do them. We are well aware of the time constraints placed on us by the demands of modern living, however, missing out on routine dental check-ups carries a risk to oral health that has far-reaching undesirable consequences for patients that include impacting mental health and psychosocial health negatively.

In addition to time constraints, some patients may also experience dental anxiety which keeps them away from the dental chair thereby jeopardising their oral health.

Each time a patient visits us at Smile Welling to see our dentist in Welling is a precious opportunity to get all the information they need to take care of their oral health.

How to get more out of visiting our dentist in Welling

● Be prepared to voice concerns

Patients may find that due to feelings of embarrassment or shyness they are not honest at a dental appointment about worrying symptoms they may be experiencing. Our dental practitioners are caring and compassionate professionals whose main focus is getting patients back on track with their oral health. It is towards this aim that we need to know all of a patient’s symptoms and concerns so we can prescribe all necessary treatments to restore full mouth health and function. We are also happy to advise patients on best practise oral hygiene cleaning techniques to ensure these tasks are carried out effectively.

● Have a list of questions readily available to ask

Patient education is a key part of what we do and we encourage all patients to voice their concerns, be it on whether they are brushing their teeth correctly or whether they need to make changes to their diet. Carrying a list of questions to the appointment will ensure that no questions are left out.

● Update us on any changes to your health

The mouth is not separate from the rest of the body and our dental practitioner will need to know about any changes to a patient’s physical condition. This includes mentioning any new treatments and medication prescribed.

● Talk about dental phobias

It is worth mentioning to us any fears about receiving dental care. Fortunately thanks to modern dentistry techniques, there are numerous ways to help ease patient anxiety when it comes to dental care.

● Seek clarification

Sometimes patients leave our rooms without a clear understanding of our recommendations or aftercare advice following a dental procedure. We cannot stress this enough – always make sure all instructions are fully understood before leaving our rooms. Our dentists are happy to explain again if more clarification is needed.

Poor oral health issues can be the cause of pain and discomfort (toothache, teeth sensitivity, gum inflammation, abscesses, and tooth decay) and embarrassment (discoloured teeth, bad breath) which can disrupt the quality of life. Our professionally qualified and well-experienced dentists at our Smile Welling dental clinic are dedicated to providing quality dental care to help patients keep on top of their dental health and overall quality of life.

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