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The need for preventive procedures offered by a dentist in Welling

When considering the need for a high standard within our oral health and hygiene, we quickly start to consider the things we can do to safeguard ourselves against the development of dental issues. Modern dentistry has fully adopted the thinking of ‘prevention is better than the cure’ and has started to provide services that fully back this line of thinking.

None of us like the thought of needing a dental procedure, such as a filling or tooth extraction, to resolve an issue, as we tend to see dental procedures as painful and unpleasant. This is where preventive dentistry comes in, as an alternative way of thinking.

Smile Welling Dental Care is a dentist in Welling where preventive dental care and treatment packages are employed to nip common issues in the bud long before they become problematic for the client. This strategy allows our clients to maintain a high standard of oral hygiene and steer clear of any major issues that may need invasive dental surgeries.

It all begins with your first check-up

As the leading dentist in Welling, we know the importance of clients having regular check-ups, the most important being your first. At your first check-up, we will be able to examine your teeth and ask you questions about your oral health history, these things will help to give us a clear picture of the current condition of your teeth and oral hygiene needs. In some cases, we may take x-rays too.

Once we have gained a fuller understanding of the state of play of your oral health and hygiene needs, we will be able to advise you about the things you can do to maintain high-quality oral hygiene. We can also discuss topics that may be relevant to your need such as oral hygiene practices and past dental issues.

At your first check-up, we will be able to develop a treatment plan for you, that should help to avoid dental issues becoming too serious before we can treat them. This will also allow us to create a time where you can ask any questions you may have and make any suggestions about ideas around your oral health you may want us to consider, as we believe that all clients should play a key role in the discussion making process that leads to the creation of a treatment plan.

The dental hygienist

Dental hygiene issues are assessed by a fully trained dental hygienist who can prescribe the perfect treatment that targets the hygiene needs of your teeth and gums. One of the primary treatment roles of the hygienist is the cleaning of the teeth, to allow for the removal of plaque that may build up over time.

The hygienist can also help you with hints and tips that may improve your daily hygiene routines, this could include advice about the best brush for your needs or tips about the best flossing practices.

Gain the benefits of preventive dentistry from today

Smile Welling Dental Care wants all clients to enjoy the benefits of preventive dental practice that we can provide as a leading dentist in Welling. If you believe you are someone who can gain the benefits offered, then please call our friendly reception staff, to book an appointment for a full consultation.

All of your dental needs in one place, from essential NHS dentistry to cutting edge cosmetic and orthodontic treatments.


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