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Routine dental appointments with our dentist in Welling

If you have recently moved house, got a new job or wish to change dental practices, you may be on the lookout for a dentist in Welling who caters for routine appointments. Whether you are looking for dental care close to home, or to work, Smile Welling can provide you with the dental services you require. Of course there are many options available to you, from hygiene appointments to dental implants alongside routine check-ups.

What does a check-up consist of?

A routine dental appointment at our practice can include several different aspects. The first thing that our dentist in Welling is likely to do is take a thorough look at your mouth and teeth. If necessary they may choose to take X-rays to help with this. You will have the opportunity to explain any dental needs that could have arisen since you last attended our dental practice.

In addition to this, our dentist would probably wish to discuss your lifestyle, including habits such as smoking, diet and other possible health concerns which may have an impact on your overall dental wellbeing. You are likely to be asked about how you choose to maintain good oral health and what regime you have in place to keep your teeth and mouth clean. If our dentist feels it would be of benefit to you to discuss this at greater length and advise you on things to add in or remove from this routine they will do so.

After inspecting your teeth and mouth carefully, it could be found that you have emerging or present problems which can be addressed. Our dentist in Welling would discuss these problems and the options that you have for their treatment moving forwards. They would be delighted to receive and answer any questions you may have regarding this treatment and provide you with a care plan so that you are aware of your next steps. If you do not require any additional treatment at this time, you will be informed about when to book in your next routine check-up.

Why are routine appointments important?

It is important to attend regular check-ups in order to keep your mouth and teeth as healthy as possible. Whether you are booking as an adult or for a child, having these checks regularly can help prevent the build-up of plaque. This in turn may decrease the possibility of tooth decay setting in. Our qualified practitioner is also given a regular opportunity to identify any problems that are present and can therefore help to direct you on a path of treatment for these issues. Because these appointments happen frequently, it is possible even to prevent some problems from occurring.

How often should I attend a routine appointment?

This is very dependent on you as a patient, and our dentist would be able to advise you on an appropriate frequency for you personally. It is commonly advised that people should attend these consultations every six months, but some patients may benefit from shorter increments between visits. To find out more, please contact us at Smile Welling, where one of our friendly team would be pleased to answer any queries you may have. Alternatively, we would be thrilled to book you in for your next routine appointment.


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