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Reasons to visit a general dentist

At Smile Welling our competent professional team of dental practitioners are well able to carry out confident dental care for a wide range of oral health care needs. Our dentist in Welling has a wealth of experience in various general dentistry treatments including emergency dental care, root canal procedures and tooth extractions. We are your one-stop go-to dental health provider.

It is mainly through the interventions of a general dentist in Welling that patients can enjoy long-term optimal oral health. The life benefits of receiving care from a suitably qualified and experienced dentist in Welling includes: preserving healthy teeth and gums, preventing the spread of life-reducing infections and the protection of a healthy and brilliant smile. We take a look at some of the foremost reasons why every patient should see a general dental practitioner.

What a general dental clinician can do for you

· Long-term general dental care

We need the use of our natural (and artificial dental prosthetics) teeth to serve us for the duration of our lives and in order for our teeth to fulfil their various functions, they need to be in optimal condition. This is when the care from a dental practitioner is a non-negotiable. Thanks to the skill and experience of our dentist, dental issues are spotted early before they can escalate and cause more damage to mouth structures.

· Patient history and dental records easily accessible

In order to correctly diagnose a problem and prescribe suitable treatments, a dental practitioner needs access to a patient’s complete dental history. In having all your dental care needs provided by one dental provider, there is reduced risk of dental records being lost or misplaced and little time is lost tracing them from one dental practitioner to another.

· Receive urgent dental care from a trusted dentist

When in dire need of dental attention, patients may be forced to go to a dental professional they are unfamiliar with. To avoid this dilemma, it is best to choose a dental clinic that offers general dentistry that includes dental emergency care. Knowing the dentist who is to treat you when in extreme pain can be a huge comfort to patients that they are in good, capable and caring hands.

· Your smile stays happy and healthy

More and more patients are latching on to the need to protect the look of their smiles. The routine care from a competent dental practitioner is a mandatory requirement to achieve this aim. An all-inclusive dental clinic can offer much-need savings in time, costs and stress. No need to run around for care in restorative treatments before being able to invest in cosmetic dentistry. Our dental team can reliably assess the health of a smile, suggest treatments to correct underlying issues and carry out proven cosmetic dentistry procedures to give patients the aesthetically-pleasing outcomes they are after.

For top all-round dental care, visit us at Smile Welling dental clinic. We offer a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. We are passionate about quality dental care and this can be seen in the manner in which we treat our patients and the trendsetting techniques and technologies we employ.


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