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Preventative care from our dentist

It may not be particularly glamorous or exciting but preventative dentistry is the best option at avoiding treatment and maintaining a healthy and attractive smile. Our dentist in Welling is here to help with a few beneficial habits!

Check ups

Check ups go a long way to avoiding problems and allowing solutions to be implemented early before a dental problem snowballs and more invasive treatments need to be implemented at our dentist in Welling.

During the course of a check-up, we look through your medical notes and at any previous work you may have had like fillings and ensure that everything is secure and no maintenance is required. Even the best treatments have a lifespan; for instance with fillings, they may eventually come loose and will require replacement.

It's also a great opportunity for you to bring up any twinges or discomfort you've had. But the real importance comes from asymptomatic issues. Long before a cavity affects enough of the tooth to produce an uncomfortable sensation, there is a noticeable discolouration and the formation of a pit. This is unlikely to be picked up by you as they usually occur between or behind teeth in sheltered areas of the mouth. Once noted, action can be taken; this could be as simple as additional brushing or the addition of fluoride, adding a sort of dental varnish to protect the area from any further encroaching decay.

There are misconceptions about dental check-ups, with some people believing that they're unnecessary for children, as baby teeth do not require treatment. But this is not true; dental check-ups are as important for children as they are for adults, even if fillings and other intervention is rarely carried out on temporary teeth. The maintenance of healthy gums is extremely important, as it ensures that teeth come through straight and if orthodontic care is required it is implemented at the right time.

Establishing a strong routine in childhood of attending dental check-ups is important as we grow up. This is one of those habits that as simple as it may seem can save a great deal of money and grief in the future.

For our younger patients, the check-up also includes important education in cleaning maintenance and general tooth care. For adult patients, screening is a more important aspect as is discussing lifestyle changes, the impact of smoking and oral cancer screening.

Ongoing treatments

There are several ongoing treatments which can be seen as preventative, probably the most famous of these is a scale and polish carried out by our hygienists. This intensive cleaning process aims to make your teeth as smooth as possible and therefore, bacteria resistant. This is not the only thing that our hygienists do. By charting pocket depth, they have an important role in keeping an eye on gum disease, which is the most common cause of tooth loss.

If you're in need of a dental check up or are looking to register with a dentist in Welling feel free to get in contact with our clinic. We are currently accepting new patients and are back operating as normal after the recent disruption in line with government guidelines.


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