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Perfect smile tips from the dentist in Welling

Here at Smile Welling, we know how important it is to have a great smile. We offer a whole host of ways to help our patients achieve that, including orthodontics, whitening and dental implants. This is our guide to getting the smile every patient deserves, which can dramatically increase self-confidence and help a person to feel at their absolute best.

Keep clean at home

The easiest and simplest way to ensure that the smile is up to scratch is by establishing a good dental hygiene routine at home. Any patient who would like to improve their brushing technique should consult with the dentist in Welling for an in-depth guide. The teeth should be cleaned twice per day with a medium bristled brush using a toothpaste that contains fluoride.

It is important not to use a brush that is too hard or to brush for longer than two minutes, as doing so can remove some of the enamel of the teeth. Enamel is vital for protecting the integrity of the teeth. Flossing should also be incorporated into the daily routine. Using floss or interdental brushes once per day helps to remove plaque and other debris that has not been reached with brushing, therefore it is important for maintaining the health of the teeth and gums.

Get checked out

Going for regular check-ups with the dentist in Welling is vital for anyone who wants to achieve and maintain a great smile. The dentist can identify issues that the patient might not have noticed and give treatment or advice to resolve them before they become problematic and cause damage to the teeth and gums. Getting a check-up every six months is the ideal way to keep the mouth healthy and the teeth looking at their best.

The dental check-up should also incorporate a good professional clean. No matter how efficient and thorough the patient is with brushing and flossing at home, there is no substitute for a professional clean from the dentist or hygienist. They can remove plaque that the patient cannot reach or even see, and thus help to keep the teeth and gums in good condition. The teeth usually look much whiter after these sessions, which is an added bonus and can help increase confidence.

Professional whitening

For those patients for whom keeping clean at home and having their teeth professionally cleaned during check-ups is not quite achieving the cosmetic results they would like, professional whitening may be the answer. Do-it-yourself treatments do not always work and can even cause damage to the teeth. We offer whitening treatments that are safe and that give excellent results, allowing our patients to get the brightest and whitest of smiles as quickly and easily as possible.

Consider orthodontics

Many people have their teeth straightened when they are teenagers or young people, but that does not always happen for a variety of reasons. Those patients who have misaligned teeth should know that it is never too late to have them corrected, and there is a wide choice of ways to do so. Having the teeth straightened makes them look better on a cosmetic level but also helps to improve oral health, so it is well worth considering.


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