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Come and meet our dentist in Welling for a new smile

At Smile Welling, we have been established for 50 years - and counting! We believe that dental treatments should be provided in one practice, so you don’t need to be referred elsewhere. We have a team of dentists, who can deliver general dentistry, as well as orthodontics and restorative dentistry. As such, one of our most popular treatments is Invisalign. Invisalign is a removable aligner treatment for mild to moderate alignment issues, including crossbite, gapped or crowded teeth, and over or underbites. Invisalign can be used by teenagers and adults, and there is a special range for teenagers, Invisalign Teen. The aligners are removable and so they offer flexibility, convenience and, most popularly, discretion. This is because when the aligners are worn in your mouth, they should hardly be visible to anyone else. Our dentist in Welling will see you for a check-up every 6 weeks and provide you with aligners to change between on a fortnightly basis.

How do the aligners work?

When you wear the aligners over your teeth (think of a rugby gum shield, but more streamlined) they apply pressure to the teeth to gently move them into the correct position over a period of 6 to 18 months on average. The aligners should be very comfortable to wear, because they are made to fit your mouth with precision. This is because we will use a digital scan to map the measurements of your mouth that we will need to have your aligners manufactured for you in Invisalign’s laboratories. We can also use this to show you images of what your teeth will look like after your treatment has been completed by our dentist in Welling, before you embark upon wearing Invisalign too!

Why is Invisalign such a popular treatment?

We believe that patients love Invisalign, because the aligners can barely be seen when they are being worn. Which means that people who may have been self-conscious about having their teeth corrected can feel more confident wearing the aligners, knowing that nobody else should realise they are doing so. The aligners are made of plastic and, being transparent, only the teeth should be noticeable to others. However, this isn’t the only reason that people love it! Aligners don’t have to be worn 24/7, but 22/7, which gives you a couple of hours to remove them whilst eating and cleaning your teeth. It also means you should have time to have them out of your mouth, whilst doing other things like attending a concert or having a family walk around the block - whatever you wish! So, Invisalign is a convenient treatment that offers flexibility for patients that can really come in handy. What’s more, by realigning your teeth, you should also find it easier to keep your teeth cleaned properly, once the teeth have moved into the right position. You can also use the trays for teeth whitening afterwards and we offer free teeth whitening for every Invisalign patient here at Smile Welling, so you can be completely proud of your new smile. You may also love Invisalign, because it may be able to help you chew your food more easily, speak more clearly, and it could also remove jaw pain, if you have suffered with this.

Let’s start this thing

So, if you’re keen to get started and meet our dentist in Welling, then just come and see us at Smile Welling. We will examine you and discuss the treatment options with you. If you choose a treatment like Invisalign, you could have a beautiful smile in next to no time. Why wait? Let’s get started!


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