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Improve your smile with a dentist in Welling

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Many people suffer from misaligned or crooked teeth. In the UK this is one of the most common oral health issues amongst the adult population. Having misaligned teeth can lead to an increased risk of other oral health issues occurring, such as gum disease and plaque buildup.

Yet, many adults are not aware that there are modern alignment treatments aimed at treating them. By aligning your teeth correctly we could finally give you that smile you have always wanted and reduce the risks from other oral health problems.

This is just one of the ways Smile Welling Dental Care can help you. We are a dentist in Welling whose goal is to improve the oral health and wellbeing in the area where we are based, playing our small part to improve the overall health of the wider community.

Services with your smile in mind

As a dentist in Welling, we offer our clients a range of services and treatments that allow them to gain varying effects and results, depending on their needs and requests. As well as offering orthodontics treatments we can offer solutions for those with missing teeth and treatments that are more cosmetic, alongside preventive and general dentistry.

We aim to be able to offer a well-rounded range of treatments, as we wish to become the only dental practice you will need in your life.

General dentistry

We can offer our clients all the treatment procedures you would expect to find on offer at any dentist, these include fillings and extractions, as well as root canal treatments. This allows us to help you take care of your more common oral health issues quickly, as this will help you maintain good oral health.

Emergency dentist

For those times where the unexpected happens, we have created an emergency dentist service. We can offer emergency appointments for a range of issues, from toothache to chipped teeth, broken crowns to abscesses, and for trauma resulting in tooth loss.

Should you feel you need an emergency dentist then you must remember that it is important for us to see you at the earliest possible opportunity, you should not hesitate to contact the dental practice. In most cases, we will aim to see you within twenty-four hours of you contacting the practice.

If you have suffered tooth loss and still have the tooth, you should try to protect it and bring it along to your appointment, this will help us to assess it to see if we can replant it back in place.

Tooth whitening

If your teeth look faded or seem to have stains on them, you may want to consider tooth whitening. This type of service is a quick, simple, and safe cosmetic solution that will help rejuvenate the look of your teeth, giving you the clean white look we all desire.

Want to know more?

If you would like to find out more about the services and treatments offered by Smile Welling Dental Clinic, you should feel free to give our practice a call. Our reception staff are waiting to assist you with your enquiry and will take you through the consultation process. We believe we are one of the best as a dentist in Welling, now we invite you to find out for yourself why we have this belief.

All of your dental needs in one place, from essential NHS dentistry to cutting edge, latest cosmetic and orthodontic treatments are available with us.


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