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How to get a better smile with our dentist in Welling

Here at Smile Welling, with our dentist in Welling, we offer treatments to help improve oral health and a choice of options to allow our patients to get a better smile. The look and condition of a person’s smile can have a significant impact on how they feel about their appearance. We want our patients to feel confident about the way they look, so we have created this guide to explain how we can help.


Many people do not develop teeth that are perfectly straight, and misalignment is a common issue. As a dentist in Welling, we appreciate that when a patient has teeth that are crooked, overcrowded or protruding they can feel self-conscious about talking to or even smiling at others. This lack of confidence can spill over into many areas of their life to the extent that the patient feels they are being held back from social, personal and career success.

Orthodontics from our dentist in Welling can help to resolve these issues, and this is the case whether the patient is a teenager or an adult looking to improve their appearance later on in life.

Invisalign is often chosen by people who feel a little nervous about the idea of others knowing that they are wearing braces. It is a treatment that comes in the form of clear plastic aligners that are worn over the teeth, and they are completely invisible. These braces usually deliver quick results in a matter of months, and they do not involve any restrictions when it comes to the types of foods that can be eaten.

Traditional braces are sometimes the best option, especially for more complex cases of misalignment. They are made up of metal wires that are worn across the front of the teeth and secured by brackets. These braces do not require self-discipline when it comes to keeping them in as they are permanent fixtures for the duration of treatment, and they deliver excellent results.

Dental implants

Tooth loss can be devastating for a person’s confidence. Dental implants are the modern solution for one or several missing teeth and many of our patients have developed a newfound lease of life as a direct result of this treatment.

Implants are made from titanium and are a means of plugging the gap where the original tooth roots once resided. They provide a stable and durable base onto which artificial teeth can be affixed. Once treatment with implants has been completed, the patient can enjoy a very natural look without any fear of the new teeth moving out of position or any restrictions on the kinds of foods that can be eaten.

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is one of the easiest ways to restore the smile to its youthful glory. The patient is provided with special trays that are made to fit their teeth exactly. These trays are combined with a whitening gel and worn at night for a few weeks until the desired result has been achieved. They are easy to wear and many of our patients have found their smile looks better than ever after this treatment.


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